Jeremiah’s and Two Blue winners of 9th Croatian Blues Challenge!

After three days of outstanding Blues performances in the crowded club Jiggy Bar in Zagreb, the winners of the 9th Croatian Blues Challenge are known! The Jury, Boris Hrepić – Hrepa, Mićo Vujaklija and Ivan Kraljević, chose Two Blue in the Solo / duo category, while the winners in the Band category is the Jeremiah’s (Jury: Boris Hrepić-Hrepa, Steve Vučković, Miro Dimić and Mićo Vujaklija).

Jeremiah’s is a six-member band from Sv. Filip i Jakov and Zadar. They were founded in 2011 and play blues with funk and rock elements.

Two Blue is the blues duo from Zagreb. They play their original Blues songs.



Timepieces 8

Timepieces, tribute to Eric Clapton’s music festival was held on  March 29th, a day before his 71 birthday in Hard Place Club in Zagreb for 8th time.
Performers: La Madame, Bohemi & Branko Požgajec, Tony Lee King, No Limits! and Moonshine. 

Timepieces 8_2016-plakat B3

Winners of 5th Croatian Blues Challenge

Winners of 5th Croatian Blues Challenge held in Rock Cafe in Pula on November 9th, and representatives of Croatian Blues Forces at 30th International Blues Challenge in Memphis will be: Sanjin Banić Bane in solo/duo categoryZamba in Band category and Levonda Kids in Youth category.
Sanjin Banić Bane Zamba


clapton 5 plakat NEW WEBFifth tribute to Clapton’s music festival, Timepieces V were successfully held at the Hard Place club on April 2. In front of cheerfull audience performed 2 for Blues, Danny Kožić, Guitar Alexander and Blue Bone Inkret, Moonshine, Prudje Blues band, Mapache Blues band and Zok & Great Spirit.