Rolin Humes

RolinHumes2Rolin Humes is a band that is on top of their artistic strength and vitality, bursting with young blood spilled all over themselves and the audience. Words can´t really describe what is going on here – there is a feeling of a dark, crazy, mind blowing wedding ceremony directed by the four nutcases – or a funeral gone terribly wrong, everybody drunk, laughing and just gone wild, but at the same time everybody in pain, suffering. Of what, you ask? Of art, of course.

The band was formed in 2011. during a blues session in a small jazz club. Shortly after Rolin Humes had its first concert. In 2013. they self-released their critically acclaimed first album “Rolin Humes welcomes you to the Penultimate Supper 6/8“. Alongside many concerts, Rolin Humes has won some prestigious awards.

Recently they have recorded their second album „Rolin Humes presents Rolin Humes“ which will be released in march 2015. The first single from the album can be expected in december 2014.

Zack Dust & Jura Geci

Zack&JuraZack and Jura go way back, since high school,where they met in their hometown Varaždin, Croatia.
They were both driven by the passion and admiration for music,especially blues,country and rock.
After forming a band in 2006. together,music was the weapon of their choice.
Many gigs were played and albums were made,some together,some separately.
In 2014. ,they reunited to form a blues duo spiced with country and rock influences.
The power and energy of Zack’s voice,songwriting and both Jura’s and Zack’s versatile guitar playing techniques,amplified with energetic,
confident and convincing live performance will leave no man indifferent.
Their true love and dedication to music leaves a promising future and a certain place in the world of music for both Zack and Jura.